Get tested alone or as a family

You do not have a health pass and you want to enter the parks, Loxamed invites you to be tested at Disneyland Paris by experienced health professionals.

If you need to be tested before your departure and thus guarantee a smooth trip, Loxamed teams are at your disposal.

Together, let’s unite for the safety of all.

ANTIGENIC TEST AVAILABLE, results given by 15 minutes (appointment needed).

PCR-Nasopharyngeal TEST AVAILABLE, results given by 12 to 24 hours (appointment needed).

Fast PCR-Nasopharyngeal TEST AVAILABLE, results given by 1 hours (no appointment needed).

Pricing: 20,00€ (VAT included) administrative fee for all, non reimbursed by social security.

An additional fee will be charged for people who do not have a French social security number:

43,89€ per RT-PCR test

25,01€ per antigenic test

Loxamed offers for all French or foreign visitors:

For 40€ (VAT included) extra, you have the possibility to realize a PCR test with a result in less than one hour!

Save time, book an appointment :

PCR or Antigen Screening Center via the movie theater’s entrance at Disney Village.